What's the best way to introduce ourselves?
Had we said that we're the best fine dining destination in London, would you value us self complimenting our selves... The most honest way to describe us is to see what others and history, have to say...

In terms of Food
They serve authentic Persian cuisine. The origins and influence of many dishes served here go back nearly three thousand years. "Persian food is nutritionally balanced and visually attractive. But above all, it has survived because it is delicious." (Margaret Saida)
In terms of Hospitality
A Persian does not keep his doors shut at meal times. He would consider himself deficient in his duty to God if he did not share his table with all Guests without consideration to number of Guest.  (Shoberl, Persia, 1828)

In terms of Health
A Persian kitchen is interlaced with proverbs, old wife's tales, miracle cures and ancient wisdoms. It's cures inspire a healing faith, its aromas excite a healthy appetite and its traditions arouse a national pride. It is, in short, the heart and soul of an ancient and remarkable nation. (Margaret Saida)"
We firmly believe in giving our clientele a unique experience, an experience in a relaxing atmosphere without having to worry about anything.  With the hope that Hana Restaurant will become your favourite venue to celebrate birthdays, special occasions or just to relax after a busy day.

We at Hana Restaurant are keen to show that good cuisine and a fine dining experience need not cost the earth. That it can be fun and in a casual and relaxing environment.

So if the above sound soothing to your ears, we look forward seeing you soon and hope that with your patronage you shall make Hana, your custom.
Monday - Sunday
12:00PM - 23:00PM

Opening Hours

We are close on Xmas day 25th and Boxing Day 26th.
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Tel: 020 7794 1200

Email: info@hanarestaurant.co.uk
To place your order, please call us on 020 7794 1200

Delivery Charges | Above £15.00 : FREE / Below £15.00 : £2.00

Delivery Time | After 12:00: 45 minutes / Pickup: 20 minutes

For private catering, please contact us via info@hanarestaurant.co.uk
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